Hi journey group! The festival in the park buddy event was a huge success! My buddy Trenton came with his whole family, so it was super fun. When he arrived, Tyler and I couldn’t wait to see him, so we ran over to his car and helped him get out. He was so excited to see us! Trenton is in a wheelchair, so we decided that walking around the park might not work too well. As Trenton tried to navigate through the crowd in his chair, he became very overwhelmed and stopped right in the middle of the path. His mom had to control his chair for him and bring him over to where we were. This really made me realize how much I take the simple things, like walking in the park, for granted. Navigating the crowds at festival in the park is hard enough when you can walk, and once in a while it’s necessary to weave through the throngs of people while saying “excuse me, sorry, coming through.” I can’t, however, imagine doing this in a wheelchair. Trenton demonstrated amazing strength and confidence by managing to roll upstream to our little spot on his own. It warms my heart to see that kind of perseverance in someone who has been through so much.