What I love about PFO is the enthusiasm, tenacity and deliberate action to reach teens of all walks of life to recognize who they are and how to give of that! Before getting involved with PFO, I had just begun to dig a little deeper in my own personal life to ask these same questions. Since August 2009, I began to devote my spare time to learning music theory and began to play piano by ear. I felt like that was my unique gift, and that the way in which I would passionately give it back to the world was by playing in the church – since I grew up in the church my entire life. My dad has been Pastoring for 40+ years now and my mom stayed at home to raise all 11 of us, so I felt it made sense. I did that for four years while also having a full time career. One day I visited one of the local parks and took my guitar and began to practice. Within 30 minutes, a group of homeless people, business men and women were standing around me, some began to sing along and some started dancing and having fun… I could not believe what my eyes were seeing. In that moment, I saw another way I could share my gift and passion to the world.

In August of 2014 I took a leap of faith after planning, researching, and saving financially; I resigned from spreadsheets, monthly financial reports, vehicle and personal loans, tax preparation, and financial assessments at work in order to create my own music business where I could fully operate in my gift and give back to the world. What life-changing and growth giving opportunities I have had. Within PFO I knew that I would be impacted through working with young and awesome teens, but I didn’t know that the teens would blow me away with their wit, passion for life and desires to reach others. I admire their boldness to BE and DO because it is through action that we accomplish our goals. During the PFO retreat, I saw teens recognize each other’s unique gifts and passion and heard consistent encouragement to share it with the universe. I am so grateful to be a part of the PFO family. The teens are amazing, as well as the staff and my advisor peers.