Hey Journey Group! Today was the very last committee meeting of the year and my last committee meeting ever, which made it all very bittersweet. In my committee’s last committee meeting we all went through what will become the final product of the Changing Charlotte book! It was so amazing seeing everyone’s final products in one place and seeing how far we had all come since the first committee meeting. A lot of us had never even taken pictures when we first started, but by the end we all looked like pros with the final product right before our eyes. Hearing and seeing how the slam pieces tied into the photography was awesome and it was crazy how a lot of our pictures matched up with the poems, without it even being planned. Afterwards, we had a great Lifetalk by Meg and Tyler (shoutout to my small group leader!) and it ended with all of PFO sitting in a huge circle and sharing what each of us is grateful for with everyone. I was so happy to hear how grateful every single person in PFO is grateful for PFO and all of the people who make PFO possible. This was one of my favorite Lifetalks and to me, it was the perfect way to close out the committee meetings! Until next time, Riley.