Saturday consisted mainly of dance parties. Our committee had finished all of our work last week, so Julian and Anna decided that we would have a dance party, with potato chips, candy, and pretzels. It was a ton of fun. After that we had the ‘Anti-Lifetalk’ which was us remembering all of the previous Lifetalks, then we all sat in a giant circle and answered the question, “What are you celebrating?” Everyone had such amazing answers. Mine was, “I am celebrating the positive growth in everyone and in myself, also the great friends that I made thus far.” But the day was not over yet; Partying for Others was just a few hours away and I was super excited. Once at the Levine Museum, everyone was having an awesome time. The music was playing (thank you, Colin) and people were dancing. We hung out with Charity, Tim, Julian, and Jeremiah; all in all, Saturday was fantastic and fun.