Oh my goodness, so much happened this week in PFO! Not only was this my last committee meeting ever, but we also had our Winter Ball yesterday! First, let me say that I am going to miss my lovely committee so much! They’re all such wonderful people, and we had so much fun working together. I will specifically miss the impromptu dance parties we had with one another. However, committee meetings was not the only place I was able to dance like crazy, because that’s also what Winter Ball is for! Winter Ball, or Partying for Others, was amazing this year. I was able to spend time with friends both inside of PFO and outside of it. It’s always a very interesting meshing of worlds and we always have a blast. My favorite part of the whole night, though was when my friend Erin and I started a conga line that pretty much took up the whole dance floor. For the past two years I’ve been to Winter Ball, we’ve done this, so I was really happy we got to do it at our last one! So keep on partying, Journey Group!