Hey Journey Group! This week was my very last committee meeting EVER! That is so scary for me. I do not handle change very well and I am feeling a little nostalgic. But, this weeks Lifetalk was perfect for me. We talked about ABC, or Always Be Celebrating. We went around in a circle and talked about what we had to celebrate. As we were going around the circle, I was feeling a little sad and moping about how this is the last committee meeting and how I was a senior. But as people started talking, I realized that there is a gift in everything! There is no reason to be sad about change because there is always something better on the other side. Although I am sad that one door is closing, Arts Experiences are right around the corner and I am insanely excited for those to start. So Journey Group, as Thanksgiving rolls around the corner, remember that there is always something to celebrate! Love, Sonia.