Today we had our last Committee meeting of the ’14’15 year and Partying for others (formally known as Winter Ball). It’s crazy how fast the time has gone by! This week was very successful and exciting for me. Throughout this experience I have begun to see a change in myself and others that is amazing! I have seen friends conquer fears, and become stronger people. PFO is the perfect platform for self improvement. During the (stay with me) first last slam poetry committee meeting we had awards given out and read our “Who Am I” poems. I saw a change in everybody’s poem and it was awesome! During Committee night I was afraid to read my poem because I was afraid it was going to sound bad. After this experience I realize any words that I say are worth something. I have learned to speak what I feel, and have a good platform to do just that on. Also this week I became Teen of the Week. This was a huge surprise to me, and I was ecstatic. Daniel and Sonia gave me my new favorite hat; Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Partying for Others was amazing! I went in feeling awesome, (rocking my Power Rangers hat) and I feel that mindset lead to a great night. WE TORE THAT DANCE FLOOR UP!!! I found myself for the first time dancing and having a good time! I felt very comfortable in my own skin. I danced without anybody around me several times and had a blast! I even served as a party starter, trying to get everyone to dance (this did not always work.) I was sad when the night had to end because I had so much fun. I am radiating with positive energy and love! I can’t wait until the next PFO event so I can spread this love. In gratitude, Jeremiah Williams