This was my last ever Winter Ball, recently renamed to Partying for Others. It was really interesting seeing the changes from my first one, where I wasn’t in PFO, to being a Small Group Leader, and doing the set up. In myself I’ve noticed my progress in confidence. My first Winter Ball, I was too shy to even really dance. I only knew one person at the dance, and met my fellow SGL’s Caleb and Evey there. This year, I knew the majority of the people there, including Caleb and Evey, who are now incredible friends of mine. I spent the majority of the time dancing and having a great time. I didn’t care that I wasn’t even on beat, I was just being present and in the moment with my friends, having a great time. I know that I can attribute this growth to PFO. This was by far my favorite Winter Ball and I realized that it was because I let go of my fears of judgement from others. This will definitely help me enjoy myself more in the future, thanks PFO!