Hey, Journey Group! Today was, sadly, our last Committee Meeting of the year. During our final meeting, my committee celebrated our committee year with food, bonding, and a final open mic. As I mentioned in a blog during the annual retreat at the beginning of the year, during the first committee meeting the Slam Committee held an open mic on my back porch where everyone was able to share a poem they wrote to answer the question “Who Am I?”. So, we felt it only fitting to commemorate our committee season by having the members write another poem answering that same question. When everyone shared their poems at the meeting, it was amazing to see and hear how much confidence and understanding of self each person has gained throughout the year. At the beginning of the year, everyone’s answers formed around the answer of “I don’t know”; but now after our meetings are over, almost every person answered with “I am who I say.” This helped me realize how much we can change, if we just simply allow ourselves to.