Hey Journey Group! I hope your Thanksgiving was good! Last weekend I went to my last PFO Winter Ball (now known as Partying for Others). It was bittersweet as it was fun, but it was a little sad to recognize that I am a senior, and this is my last year in Playing for Others. On that note, I wanted to take this moment to say four reasons why I am grateful for PFO, one for each year that I have been apart of the program. 1. PFO has connected with me so many new people. This was particularly nice my first year in PFO, when I had just started at Myers Park and knew no one. It was nice to see a familiar PFO teen’s face when walking around (what then felt like) the huge Myers Park campus. 2. PFO has encouraged me to go outside my comfort zone. I joined my summer league swim team…need I say more? 3.PFO has given me the opportunity to create art. And wow, I love art. 4. PFO has helped me live in gratitude. So Thank you PFO and thank you Journey Group.