Hi Journey Group! Saturday was our last day of committee meetings, and I was sad to see it end. Even though it has come to a close, I am so proud of what we have done in Anthology. We really have completed a lot of work and our project has been so successful! This committee meeting we had snacks and drinks. We just hung out and celebrated. It was so much fun, and the weird thing is that I think on the last day I started to really feel more open. Even though Anthology has ended, I am looking forward to the Musical Theatre Experience that I am in! This Lifetalk was actually an “Un-Lifetalk” because we were divided up into groups and given a previous Lifetalk to create a skit or interpretive dance about, and my group won! I have loved my experience in Anthology and I am so grateful for Julian and Anna and their amazing coordination skills, and especially for Brandi. I am looking forward to Musical Theatre! I can’t wait to hear which play we are going to do!