On Saturday we had our last committee meeting. In Photography Committee, we wrapped up our book that we have been working on. We talked about what photos we want to use for our chapter that will represent our non-profit organization. I am really glad I got to be part of Photography Committee this year. I have really gotten closer with everyone in my committee, and I have learned so much about my camera and taking photos. I have also gotten great feedback on my photos from my advisor, Brandy, and my co-chairs, Maddie and Derek. After committee meetings, we had a review of all the Lifetalks that we have had this year. We got into groups and we created a skit, song or dance to represent a Lifetalk that we were assigned. We had a lot of fun with this while reviewing what we learned from the Lifetalks. Then Saturday night, was Partying for Others (Winter Ball)! It was so much fun! Everyone was dressed up and it was an amazing experience. On Sunday, Libby and I got together with our buddy Yasmin to paint pottery. It was great to see her, and we had a great time catching up and painting! I am sad that committee meetings are over, but I am excited to start Arts Experiences in January! Thanks for reading! Louisa Stein.