Hey Journey Group! Yesterday was BUDDY DAY! This year my buddy partner is Amy Grace and what is great is that we connected before we found out we were being paired. Our buddy is a sibling, which means that he is the brother of a child with a disability in our Buddy Program. My buddy’s name is Andrew. Andrew is so cool and so much fun to be with. When we first saw him, Amy Grace and I immediately were trying to boost his energy but he did a great job of that himself. Andrew’s mom, Amy or Mrs. Thomas, is a super nice lady and I could easily tell that her kids are in a safe happy environment. Andrew’s brother Will has Down syndrome, and is the buddy of Erin and another Will. My cousin has Down syndrome and is in a hugely supportive community so it was nice to see him in that same area of supportiveness. While in line we asked Andrew what he wanted to do first and he said the splash park so we ran over there and ran around in the water and had so much fun. After that we played character tag, which is where you have to make up a character for yourself and just play tag. After that we went to go get a snow cone, (or ice cone as Amy Grace calls it.) and got some great flavors. So we finished our “ice cones” and then time flew by and it was already time to leave. I wish I had more time with my buddy but I had a blast and that’s all that matters. GOODNIGHT!!