Cookbook here, and the last few committee meetings have gone great! We have done so many amazing things and accomplished so much in our short time together. Here at the cookbook committee, our typical meetings go something like this… First, we have a check-in. This is when we go around the group and all answer a question, which can be as serious as who has inspired you, to as silly as what is your spirit animal. Then we normally break up into smaller groups and work on the individual chapters of the book. The teens may be writing, editing, or researching and always have the help of the other people in the chapter. After that, we work on our cooking demos. One of the things we are learning to do this year is to do live demonstrations of the recipes in the book, and the last part of the meeting is normally devoted to practicing the presentation techniques in order to complete a live demonstration. Throughout our time as a committee, we have grown even closer and supportive of one another. We have had so much fun making this book and we can’t wait for you to see Cooking for Others Volume II.
Until next time,
Cookbook Committee