Slam Committee: “We are all in a different place now than when we started”.

November 20, 2014

Hello! I’m Cole, one of the co-chairs of the slam poetry committee, partnered up with fellow co-chair Lucy and our advisor Eddie. Our committee, composed of 12 members, has worked this year to create original slam pieces for our 12 non-profit honorees, and we performed them at an event, Connecting Charlotte, on November 6th, 2014. […]

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Slam Poetry Committee – Update #1

September 10, 2014

Welcome to the 1415 Slam Poetry Committee page! This blog is your go to source for the latest updates on all of the awesome work we’ll be doing this year. This fall we will be working with our Heartbeat Honorees to bring their stories to life with spoken word poetry, or SLAM, as we like to call it. We will honor these non-profits by capturing the passion of their mission, and the impact they’ve had on our community via the beauty and power of words. Each non-profit works tirelessly in their field to serve those in need and build our community better everyday. We are truly grateful to have the opportunity to serve, and to raise our voices for a group of organizations that are the lifeblood of this town. Be sure to check out this blog over the coming weeks to stay connected to our work, words, and to our journey this year with PFO.

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