The Great Big Work- “Consume vs. Receive”

November 22, 2017

What do you consume, and what do you receive? That was the central theme of October’s New York trip, as we continued fine-tuning the stories in the new musical. One of the things that PFO is all about is creating artistic experiences that ask the audience to receive vs. simply consume. Imagine it’s lunchtime, and […]

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The Great Big Work- “Breakdown to Build”

I am a visual person. I struggle with lectures, conversations without whiteboards, and mixing up metaphors. If I don’t write something down, it will most likely not happen. So, when James and I sat down for New York weekend #2 in September, I was beyond thrilled to see a large corkboard dominating the wall. It […]

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The Great Big Work

November 14, 2017

“Trusting the Magic of Conversation and Collaboration” It’s August, and I have just checked into my Airbnb in New York – right smack in the middle of the theatre district – and I text James. “Meet me at Central Park – it’s time to make some magic”. And that’s how the creation of this show […]

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Musical Theatre Experience – Update #1

September 9, 2014

Welcome to our page! We can’t wait to carry on PFO’s tradition of great Musical theatre. This spring we’ll be performing…”You’ll have to wait and see”. No, seriously! You’ll have to wait! We can’t tell you until later this Fall, but it is going to be awesome. Check out this blog in the coming months for the latest on our “high kickin’, toe tappin’ , show stoppin’ group of Teens.

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Children’s Theatre Experience – Update #1

Welcome to the Children’s Theatre Experience! We are BRAND new this year, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. This year, the PFO Children’s Book is going to be turned into an Original Children’s Show that we are going to perform! This spring will be the World Premiere of this work! Check out this blog in the coming months to see all of the theatre magic we are creating!

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Dance Experience – Update #1

Welcome to our page! This year we are collaborating with another amazing class of PFO Heartbeat Honorees! We have the honor to bring the stories of groups like The Sandbox, The Relatives, and The Women’s Impact Fund to life with dance. We are working closely with our Heartbeat Honorees to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the work the do in our community. We are so grateful for the opportunity to share their stories and promote the impact they are having in the Charlotte area and beyond. Check out this blog for insider access to our creative process as we develop our movement pieces!

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Visual Art Experience – Update #1

August 23, 2014

Welcome to our page! The PFO season is officially underway and we can’t wait to start creating! This year we are working with an another amazing class of Heartbeat Honorees. We will be closely collaborating with our Honorees to create works of Art that reflect their passion and mission. It is an honor to celebrate the impact in our community of groups like Leadership Charlotte, Apparo, he Great Outdoors University and others.

Check out this blog for a behind the scenes look at our creative process.

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