Welcome to the Buddy Blog! This is your source for the latest and greatest about our Buddy Program. On August 24th we kicked off our 1415 Buddy Program season with a bang, and a bit of splash too! Teens and buddies met for the first time on a beautiful Sunday at Veteran’s Park. It was an incredible afternoon of community and connection. Teens and buddies took over the playground AND the spray ground, filling the entire park with yelling and laughter. In between turns on the swings, buddy pairs lounged in the shade and were treated to neon colored snow cones! By the end of the event, everyone’s mouth was some shade of orange, green or blue.

It was truly beautiful to see teens and buddies start building their relationships, but they weren’t the only ones. PFO and Buddy parents got a chance to hang out and get to know each other while their children ran around the park. It was amazing to see the connections that were being made between both adults and teens. This year’s Meet your Buddy Event was a huge success! We can’t wait for the next buddy event on September 20th at Festival in the Park. The Festival is one of the premier outdoor festivals in the Southeast. We will on the scene with our buddies, enjoying the performances, the crafts, and the food. We’ll also be hanging out at the PFO Tent to check out the release of PFO’s new books and CD! We’d love to see you there! Come on out and be a part of the magic moments we are creating.