Through the Service Program, we are cultivating the next generation of philanthropists and compassionate human beings.

Philanthropy is the giving of time, talent, and treasure.

Service is woven throughout every program component:

  • Treasure – Teens have a voice in how we give of our treasure as an organization through our Present Program.
  • Talent – Teens give of their talent through the arts.
  • Time – Teens give of their time through our “Buddy Program.”

The Buddy Program is a highlight for our teens. Each year, every PFO teen becomes buddies with a child with a disability or their sibling. Their relationship is fueled by arts experiences – from creating music and artwork to exploring
photography and theatre together. They also enjoy purely social experiences: playing in the park, attending a performance, going out for ice cream. Teens and buddies practice inclusion and acceptance with each other, and their friendships deepen as the program progresses. PFO creates socially conscious,
articulate advocates for acceptance and inclusion — through simple, vital, real relationships. If you are an interested family that has a child with disabilities, contact us by clicking here.