Jen Band
Executive Director

Kelsey Reinhard
Community Engagement Liaison & Lead Advisor

Greg Raynor
Development Manager

Anna Gaeckle
Celebration Specialist & Buddy Program Advisor

Malcolm Hamilton
Operations Assistant



Brianna Gardener
UMAR Art Lead Advisor/Visual Art Supporting Advisor

Davita Galloway
UMAR Art Supporting Advisor/Visual Art Supporting Advisor

Rose O’Toole
Music Lead Advisor

Savvy Jillani
Product Art Supporting Advisor/Digital Art Supporting Advisor

Shawn Glover
Buddy Book Supporting Advisor/Visual Art Lead Advisor

Yash Mistry
Product Art Lead Advisor/Digital Art Lead Advisor


Kirsten Wrinkle
Board Chair

Brandi Edwards
Ex Officio

Courtney Channell

Effin Logue

Elizabeth McKee

Jeremy Cartee

Kim Stodghill

Lynn Caldwell

Matt Olin

Mike Watson

Tanqueray Edwards

Thomas Johnson-Bean

Tyler Peacock

Zach McLaren

Zondra Moss

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