Through the Arts, teens step out of their comfort zones and become more fully expressed.

Putting their talents to work for a larger purpose — and discovering new talents as well — has proven compelling, and an unforgettable experience.

Throughout the PFO season there are many opportunities for teens to discover new talents, hone talents they already have, and try their hand at ones they never thought possible. It’s not uncommon for a teen to fall in love with a new form of self-expression. And while the experience is certainly about further discovering who they are, it is also focused on how they can give of their talents to serve others.

By walking down an artistic avenue, teens step further and further onto their growing edge. And as we say in PFO, “we grow as we go”. The more they embrace the vulnerability that comes with the arts, the stronger their sense of self and self-confidence are developed. As the teens work collaboratively with their peers, they learn to give and take, to be a contributing members of a team, and to experience the joy of creating together with a community. Whether they are participating in a cast, creating original artwork to honor other non-profits, writing a new piece of music, or choreographing dance, they bond, they explore, and they create a safe place for each other.

And it is in this safe space, that they further develop the answers to the questions, “Who Am I?” and “How will I give of that?”