“Playing for Others (PFO) provides a space for teens to explore and answer the questions, “Who Am I?” and “How will I give of that?” through programming in Personal Development, Service, and the Arts.

It offers three key components:

  • Personal development teens focus on “Who Am I?” They recognize who they are being in each moment, increase their self-awareness, and learn to shift their perspective.
  • Through service teens focus on “How will I give of that?” They become young philanthropists – giving of their time, talent, and treasure.
  • In the arts, they experience self-expression, embracing creativity, and using that passion to serve

Through our core values – Attitude of Gratitude, Acceptance, Accountability, and Action – teens learn to become effective leaders of self and others.

We are cultivating the next generation of leaders, philanthropists, and compassionate human beings.

Our Core Values

Through the core values – Attitude of Gratitude, Acceptance, Accountability, and Action – teens learn to become effective leaders of self and others. These core operating values influence the culture and public image of PFO as a transformational program for teenagers.

Attitude of Gratitude – PFO demonstrates the importance of practicing a constant “attitude of gratitude”. Research shows that people who are grateful physically have stronger immune systems, exercise more, and take better care of their health, psychologically have higher levels of positive emotions, are more alert and alive, and experience more joy, pleasure, optimism and happiness.

And – most directly related to PFO – socially, people who are grateful are more helpful, generous, compassionate, forgiving, outgoing, and feel less lonely and isolated.

We seek to cultivate this “attitude of gratitude” in all of our constituents and as an example to the community at large.

Acceptance – PFO honors each and every person as an individual who is deserving of love and belonging. Although we may look, think, or act differently, at the core we are all the same. Developmentally, teens are seeking acceptance and inclusion. PFO provides a positive peer culture in which all teens are embraced. We promote acceptance of the whole person, their thoughts, ideas, values, culture, and differences.

Accountability – PFO empowers our teens, staff members and Board to be accountable for what they do and for who they say they are. We seek to instill integrity in our administrative, service, and outreach activities, while consistently taking accountability for up-leveling the program impact and experience for all involved – both directly and indirectly.

Action – PFO understands that in order to create meaningful and lasting change, we must take inspired, deliberate, focused and consistent action. Action is what takes us from where we are, to where we want to be. Regular evaluation of our impact leads us to take immediate steps.