Inspiring Acceptance

December 15, 2015

Picture it: You walk into a room for the first time. You feel the heavy flash flood of calculating and quantifying eyes. Immediately, that nasty little voice in your head starts throwing out the albeit distorted, but believed negatives questioning who you are you’re your value in the space. You feel your mind suit up […]

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The “Isms” of Life

November 12, 2015

“Preparation meets opportunity” – an “ism” that two great business owners hailed as the model of success. I find it to be true. It ties in so closely with the most personally challenging, yet most rewarding core value of Playing for Others: Accountability. When writing this second entry, I am reminded of my own room […]

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Jim Reynolds

September 15, 2015

Action: the requirement for my modality of language to exist. Without it, dance would look and feel like a flipbook of photos, a simple prequel to real moving images. We, by far, are more than pictures and shapes. Our imperfections face forward. Our own breath, a denominator that measures our living existence, is seen, heard, […]

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