One More Good Thing

January 29, 2016

One More Good Thing Playing For Others continues to teach me that there is always one more good thing needed to be done, wanting to be done, calling to be done. Gathering in the energy that is Playing For Others is unlike any other energy that I have experienced. I keep saying it because it […]

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A Time To Celebrate

December 15, 2015

As I stood in a room of hundreds of engaged diverse people rapt in spoken word performances from the PFO teens, I was struck with the awe of what can happen when a group decides to become a team. No longer a collection of individuals, a team unites for a common purpose, which is usually […]

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Bringing LifeTalks to Life

November 12, 2015

One of the most valuable parts of getting involved in Playing For Others is the “”LifeTalk”” component. Recently, I sat in on a talk about “”Choosing Stress””. Where does it come from? What is good stress? What is bad stress? Why do we sometimes manufacture it? This was never something that I even talked about […]

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Authenticity As Service

September 29, 2015

I saw a quote on the internet from Danielle La Porte that made me shout out “Yes!” and give wiggly fingers (a PFO tradition that means we support or are excited by what someone has said or done) to! It so clearly has summed up my first two months with Playing For Others: “The bonus […]

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