The Purpose of Passion

January 28, 2016

Being an art teacher is not what I expected. I went into it thinking that I would have kids excited to learn and excited to be in art class. For some, that is the case, but for others, it’s not. The school I teach at has students from all walks of life, but a majority […]

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Realizing Gratitude

November 12, 2015

Realizing Gratitude During the past few weeks, the advisors, Jen, Pam, and Kelsey, have all talked about how we can make gratitude a global entity and not just a PFO core value. Last week, the gratitude I received changed the way I saw myself. Let me backtrack and help you out by setting the stage: […]

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The Many Uses of Art

September 29, 2015

In PFO, we believe in giving of ourselves selflessly in order to make the world a better place. All of the teens, the staff, and the advisors give to the community around us, not just to help others, but to feel whole as human beings. Over these past few, quick months, I have learned so […]

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