Authenticity and vulnerability are strengths.

In my life I find this statement to be so true. Like so many others I felt like I needed to be in line with what other people thought of me. I went to school and began majoring in Computer Programming because my parents thought it would be best for me. During the second semester of my junior year, it was time to register for courses and I could not for the life of push myself to keep living a dream that was no longer mine just to please someone else, including my parents. So I talked to my Academic Advisor and told him my struggle. He told me the pros and cons of the choices I could make. I thought about everything for 24 hours and changed my major to Busn Admin. I remember feeling so free in that moment and then scared to death because I still had to tell my parents about my decision.

Once I became authentic to what I really wanted I began to feel so much better. I could focus on being the best student athlete I could be. I could do homework on the road and not get in late from away games and have to go to the computer lab to finish programming assignments. I had to be vulnerable with my parents so they understood my decision and though it took them a while they were happy for me!

In my experience with PFO, I am loving how free we all can be! Anyone who knows Jen, knows that the woman is authentic and vulnerable and the energy she has trickles down to even the youngest teens in PFO!!! What I have enjoyed most are the LifeTalks with the teens on Saturday mornings as well as our Advisor Training! The LifeTalk sessions are teen led and these teens are ready to talk! During the PFO Retreat, some would not say anything unless someone said something to them and now they are raising hands ready to share their personal life experiences which requires them to be vulnerable. I am simply amazed at the courage and strength of each PFO teen to be authentic and vulnerable. This lets me know that as Advisors, we are continuing to providing a safe place for the teens to be…