Anything is possible, regardless of condition or circumstance.

I’m running around our backyard. The white picket fence surrounds beautifully maintained grass, and I can smell the flowers from the flower garden and see the vegetable garden that is taller than I am. I’m wearing my favorite purple sundress with ice cream cones embroidered on the front. When I put on my purple sundress with the ice cream cones on the front, I can do anything. It is my superhero cape, my magic wand, my go-to outfit. My blonde hair is cut right below my chin, and I have bangs straight across my forehead, courtesy of my Dad and his scissors.

I’m 6 years old, and I have a secret.

I have a very big secret that I haven’t told anyone. When I think about my secret, I get so excited I start to jump up and down on my toes, my hazel eyes grow wide, and I smile so big my dimples sink into my cheeks as if to shrink back sheepishly and say, “I know something you don’t know.”

Here’s my secret that I haven’t told anybody: I can fly.

I know it may sound crazy, but I am convinced I can fly. I’ve done it when no one is looking, and one time, I dared to show my mom and she said, “That’s nice honey”. Which I took to mean I did it! Here’s how it happened… I ran around the backyard in big circles, from the garden to the fence, garden to the fence, garden to the fence, running faster and faster, my purple sundress (with the ice cream cones on the front) flying behind me, my face tipped up toward the sun, my smile so big and bright, my feet feeling the soft grass beneath them and then all of a sudden, run faster, smile bigger, believe harder, I am lifted off the ground and I am flying! I can’t feel the grass anymore. I am still running, but I am in the air, hovering above the ground! I am flying!!!!!!!!

When I come back down to earth, I collapse on the grass in a pile of giggles and lay on my back to catch my breath and watch the clouds. It is all so magical…that feeling that anything is possible. I am completely alive.

Anything is possible…

My favorite phrase in the entire world is, “anything is possible.” And here’s why…

I believe there are seeds of greatness in all of us. I believe that our passion, our purpose, is revealed to us if we listen closely enough. If we are willing to be brave, courageous, vulnerable, leap instead of just jump, infuse joy in everything we do, feel our feelings, meet failure with grace, grace with ease, hold an open palm, have higher expectations, do better, be better, take greater risks, do the inside work so the outside is a direct reflection of that, then and only then will the rest of the world quiet down enough for us to hear the desire and longing of our hearts. Then we hear the voice of passion and purpose.

In Playing for Others, there are passionate people everywhere you turn. From staff, to Advisors, to parents, to the teens, there is an abundance of passion. And for the most important group, the teens, that passion is fueled by a desire to answer two of the most important questions we can ask ourselves in our lifetime, “Who Am I?” and “How will I give of that?” When we dare to ask these questions and dig deep to uncover the answers, we live a life not with purpose, but on purpose. We get comfortable with the uncomfortable. We embrace growth and seek opportunities for endless expansion. We give from a place of natural overflow, not one that involves condition. What was once work is now play. We believe that anything is possible.

I believe in our teens and their greatness. I believe that they can create a life they absolutely love living and wake up everyday doing what they love and making a difference in the world. I believe they already are and will continue to make the world a better place simply because of who they BE.

Oh, and if they want to fly, they are always welcome to borrow my purple sundress with the ice cream cones on the front ☺ After all, anything is possible.