gratitude campaign symbol

Over the course of the next two months, PFO is making it a point to express gratitude everyday to the people in our lives that make a difference.

From November 1st to January 1st, PFO invites you to join with us in honoring others through our Gratitude Campaign!

For a $25 donation PFO will send a specially designed Gratitude message, or “Grati-Gram” to a person of your choosing. For donations exceeding $25 you may choose to honor multiple persons or organizations. For donations of $250 or greater, you may honor a group of individuals or an organization.

The “Grati-Gram” will include your message about why you are grateful for your chosen honoree set beneath an interlocking PFO logo and Gratitude Symbol.

In addition to the “Grati-gram”, you and your honoree will also be featured on our website:

  • The community in which you live will light up on our Gratitude Map!
  • Your name will be included on our Gratitude Campaign Donor Page
  • You and your honoree will be included on our Donor-Honoree page! .

Join the movement, honor someone else, and let’s keep the gratitude growing!”

Click here if you wish to make a regular donation not part of the Gratitude Campaign: Donate Now!

Choose your honorees and gift amounts