Hi journey group! Today was our first buddy event and I have to tell you it was amazing. I had the same buddy the first two years i was in PFO but this year I have a new buddy, a 7th grade boy named Keon. It is a totally different experience playing with Keon than it was with Sara, my buddy of the last two years. While my previous buddy Sara was more quiet and reserved, Keon is more energetic and wanted to play kickball and basketball. I had to adapt my ways of interacting and bonding with him to fit the activities he liked to do. I realized that every buddy and everybody is different. Whether it is playing with kids in the buddy program or interacting with people in my day to day life, if you meet people where they are it will be so much easier to create a deep and lasting bond. I can’t wait to learn more about Keon and know I am going to have a great year.