Today, as I was driving home, I passed by a green Volvo. In the driver seat was someone who resembled a certain Chris Kringle.

This is a good reminder that Christmas is near and that Santa Claus coming to town. However, this past week was the PFO Connecting Charlotte event and boy did Christmas come early. What a wonderful gift it was to see teens so passionate about nonprofits, some sharing why they loved that nonprofit and giving them a monetary gift, others sharing the gift of word in easily some of the best slam poetry I’ve ever heard. Their slam poems were also paired with amazing photography taken by some of our other teens. It was truly an amazing night.

The next night as some of our advisers and other advocates gathered, we talked about how amazing the event was and what the event meant to us. One amazing point was that we were realizing that we were not preparing these teens to change the world in the future. They’re changing the world today. I’m so blessed to be a part of this organization and loved contributing to the evening by singing bass notes in the original original PFO anthem written by our very own advisor, B. Bailey. Truly an amazing gift – better than anything Santa could bring. I can’t wait to see what PFO in these teens can do next!