My life in PFO began in my senior year of high school. Once it began it took off quickly, throwing me happily into an array of different new experiences. The Slam poetry committee helped me grow my voice and feel more comfortable in the vulnerability of performance. Night of Gratitude made room for the bloom of the flower that is genuine human connection, authenticity, and gratitude. Having a blast with my buddy and all of the various activities we did deepened that appreciation of the uniqueness all of us possess. Winter is my favorite season. Being in PFO was like winter all the time, but that being said, it was a short winter. Alas, I graduated and moved on to the University of North Carolina at Asheville where I began a new journey. I am currently majoring in mass communication and with a minor in new media. PFO changed the course of my life in a BIG way and now I want to change lives as well.

What was your favorite event?
My favorite PFO event was definitely HeARTbeat. It was where I learned to not back away in the face of adversity. It was where I stepped into my resilience and further into the confidence that I had begun to cultivate upon joining PFO. It was also another opportunity to honor a non-profit full of people who are changing the world and that is a beautiful thing.

What did you learn in PFO that still impacts you today?
I learned that love is not a weakness. Expressing emotions makes you vulnerable and that is okay. I experienced an overwhelming sense of compassion which has left my cup overflowing this past year. I have much to give to this world now.

What are you passionate about now?
I am passionate about humanity in the sense that I want to touch and change lives through my poetry. I am also passionate about writing in general, YouTube, video media production, film and photography.