What was your favorite event?
The annual retreat! Nothing beats getting together with 60 of your closest friends for a ridiculous amount of dance parties, speeches, sessions, ice breakers, team building activities, and hangouts. Not to mention the reveals… Always SO much fun – and colorful!

What did you learn in PFO that still impacts you today?
There’s not one thing from PFO that I don’t carry with me today, and it would take forever to talk about, so I’ll just list my top ten:
1. Personal accountability for my actions and responsibilities
2. Organization
3. Time management
4. How to appropriately talk to adults and businesses
5. Professionalism
6. Acceptance of all people and open-mindedness about their wants, needs, and abilities
7. Adaptability (to situations, energies, people, and places, especially when things don’t go as planned)
8. Passion and whole-heartedness
9. Managing my own leadership style and balancing it with others’
10. Self-confidence and self-appreciation

What are you passionate about now?
Once again, there are so many things I could put for this question, so here are my top five:
1. Leadership – it’s only my minor because it isn’t offered as a major!
2. Involvement – I’m a firm believer that I’m never going to get anything out of life if I don’t involve myself in it as much as possible.
3. Music – I never stop singing, and if there’s a piano nearby you best believe I’ll be sitting at it.
4. My relationships with others – I constantly strive to make others happy and I cherish my friends and family more than anything.
5. Success – I want nothing more out of life than to be successful in what I do and happy with where I am. I know what I’m good at, so why not stick with it?