What was your favorite part of the PFO experience?

Learning to use my art form to build connections with others was one of my favorite parts of PFO. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the product we are trying to achieve as artists, but PFO really showed me how powerful art can be when shared throughout a community.

What did you learn in PFO that still impacts you today?
PFO’s lessons in teamwork and leadership are two things that continually impact my life. As a part of student organizations, I have found that the skill set I received while a part of PFO has allowed me to step into leadership roles as well as be confident in my ability to be a leader.

What are you passionate about now?
Everything I pursue, I am passionate about; I just really enjoy learning new things! Studying dance and biological anthropology has been a challenge, but I have found that my understanding of movement gives me a new perspective on human anatomy and how we as humans have developed over time. Where these things will take me is a great question, but through accepting my abilities in the sciences and the arts, I have become passionate about what I am pursuing as a student. I am excited, and nervous, to see how these two fields intertwine in my life after college!