What was your favorite event?
The arts event in 2010(man I can’t remember what year it was haha !), but it was the buddy event we had at one of the theater performances, the red carpet event. My buddy Aidan was all dressed up like such an elegant little man, and I always remember how he felt so special with his sister Kai there as well, how everything was about him and the rest of the kids, how special they were for us. I felt like that show was so fun and such a beautiful time to laugh together and just enjoy a little moment of life. I will never forget that time because I feel like I really realized the impact of even small moments of friendship and just being happy, how that changed me and how I know it was changing Aidan.

What did you learn in PFO that still impacts you today?
WOW so much. I’ve learned how to organize my life so much better, and my years of PFO have really formed me as a person who always looks to include and bring people out of their shell and into who they are ! To live that acceptance out always. And the confidence and ability to figure things out in the real world like accounting and planning meetings and planning locations and travel and things like that….have come from leadership positions in PFO. And even the way of confronting things or working things out in relationship so much of what Jen taught us on the teen board has so been a part of me. I’m so grateful for the tools PFO has given me and the way it’s shaped me as a person.

What are you passionate about now?
I am passionate about people and about the world. About people finding who they really are, about them believing truth about themselves and the world instead of lies. About DOING things based on what’s in your heart because it’s just an expression of who you are. About people who are hurting and just need some hope. About different cultures and people from different backgrounds because they have treasure to offer, things to teach. About the power of creativity, creating to make change whether that is through the arts or a simple act of going every week to tell stories to kids and teach them values. And about not being comfortable and taking risks, that’s what I live doing ! There’s so much life to live, too much to just be comfortable and just think about my own world….there’s a whole world out there 🙂