What was your favorite event?
The red carpet event, definitely! Getting to make the buddies feel like the stars they truly are was so rewarding. Not to mention, it was so entertaining to watch them bring out their inner star power and strut their stuff! 

What did you learn in PFO that still impacts you today?
Acceptance. Everywhere I go, in everything I do, I am confronted with people who are different from myself with ideas different from my own. PFO forever engrained in me the idea that acceptance of others is not an option, but rather the only way to grow to lead a full and meaningful life.

What are you passionate about now?
Traveling the world and learning new things at home and abroad! With the advent of my new career and graduation, I’m just trying to navigate how everything works in “the real world”. The more new things I can try, places I can travel, and knowledge I can acquire the better!