What was your favorite event?
I can’t believe I’m being asked to choose just one event… If I must select only one, I would say that the Red Carpet event in conjunction with the musical theatre performance was always my favorite of the year, because who doesn’t love dressing up and buddies and musicals?

What did you learn in PFO that still impacts you today?
Though I learned so much about things like proper business etiquette, how to communicate through body language, budgeting, time management, etc., I would say the most valuable quality we learned in PFO revolved around love. Nothing in this world is more important than offering, taking, and sharing love with ourselves and others, and every time I think of PFO and my fabulous time with this organization, I am reminded of the very human experience that is love.

What are you passionate about now?
As I mentioned earlier, I am studying both Pre-Medicine and English. As much as I would like to have one major passion in my studies, I am also grateful for this harmonious balance of the arts and science in my life. I want to be either an epidemiologist (disease studies) or an English teacher and though those two concepts contradict, I adore taking courses in both subjects! Additionally, I am involved with and love my peer tutoring job in Clemson’s writing center, my involvement with Student Government and event-planning, my sorority and our volunteer efforts, and my sideline hobbies of reading, rollerblading, and ukuleleing!