What was your favorite event?
The Leadership Retreat for Teen Exec during the summer of 2012. I learned so much about myself and my team over those four days and I still apply those leadership lessons to my life in college!

What did you learn in PFO that still impacts you today?
The 4 A’s! With Attitude, I realized that going into any new situation optimistically is ideal because it pushes you to have a great experience, even if you end up making it yourself. Acceptance is incredibly close to my heart, and when it comes to living in a new environment and making new friends (aka college), acceptance will continue to be your greatest asset. Accountability keeps building as I grow, with each year requiring more responsibility than the last. And last (but certainly not least)– Action! Taking action might be one of the most effective ways to ensure a fantastic experience, especially in college. By getting involved and plugging into my community, I’ve found the people and resources I need to help improve my environment and grow as a leader.

What are you passionate about now?
I’m trying to explore the role of art in various facets of our lives, whether through social change, leadership, or its impact in specific cultures. I’m beginning the brainstorming stages for a two-year research project that will hopefully delve into one of these connections in an insightful and meaningful way!