What was your favorite event?
The first show “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.” I was an assistant stage manager and I got to sit in the booth with Kaylee Johnson and Jen Band. The first check ceremony was so beautiful and inspiring, I knew I wanted to keep servicing children from all abilities whether it was onstage, backstage, or in the classroom.

What did you learn in PFO that still impacts you today?
As a member of a few student organizations, I’ve realized that leadership can come in many forms. What PFO taught me was how to manage different types of leadership effectively; It taught me how to make everyone feel important.

What are you passionate about now?
Education. Through field experience and Freedom School, I’ve found that experiential education can make a huge impact on anyone at any age and make a difference in our communities. I hope that I can continue working with children of all abilities in environmental studies and literacy. Through my journey, I strive to take all that I’ve learned about leadership and service into schools and other fields of study.