I always seem to find myself in awe of this organization, its members and its impact; and I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude that I will never be fully able to express. Each experience I’ve had in PFO has impacted and changed me but I think what has changed me most have been the people. The people have helped me grow.

Each advisor through every year with their unwavering willingness to support us as individuals and as a group.

The staff with their passion and dedication to this organization and every seemingly miniscule detail that all work in conjunction to make PFO everything that it is.

The Alumni: those who I’ve had the please of building relationships with, and those I have yet to meet, whose legacy has already impacted me.

Every single teen: each of you inspire, motivate, and encourage me to be the best I can be. Your stories open my eyes to new worlds and possibilities. Through you I’ve found lifelong friends, but you’re really more like family.

I think the biggest thing I’ll take with me from PFO is a strong sense of home. Through my time in PFO, I found a loving, supportive, strong, funny family that is always there for me. I’ve learned and loved, succeeded and failed, laughed and cried, created and found home in these people and the work that we do.

I cannot even begin to measure the impact that PFO has had on my life. PFO has taught me that I’m allowed to explore, play, run, jump, soar; and that by doing that and being my most authentic self, I’m encouraging others to come with me and do the same.

Because of this organization and all of the wonderful people who have come with it, I know who I am and I know how I give of that. I am so grateful that PFO has helped me discover that. The only thing I really can say is, “Thank you. Thank you all.”