Where is our summer going?!
We just looked up, and somehow, we’re a month away from the Playing for Others Annual Retreat!  There’s much to do, but first – check out what we got up to at Leadership Retreats in June!


The PFO staff spent two amazing weeks by the lake with our Committee Co-Chairs, Small Group Leaders, and Corporate Partner Team – all the teens who are filling formal leadership roles for the 2015-2016 season.  It was a great time, with a series of thought-provoking sessions, crazy (often water-soaked) games, and a ton of bonding.  Each group of teens participated in workshops specifically crafted for the roles they will play this year – and we even had some special guests stop by.

Co-Chairs led a series of group discussions to practice effectively facilitating conversations and leading a group of their peers.  John Lemmon, our amazing friend and creator of the ReadyANIMATOR, helped us through a self-led workshop where groups of teens created their own brief animated videos from start to finish!  Our SGLs and Corporate teens will use this technology all year long to keep PFO friends in the loop.

Kim Holt from WSOC-TV joined us one morning to talk to our SGLs about interviewing skills, which they will utilize throughout the year in our Journey Group Program.  And the Corporate Partner Team spent a whole day learning about the art of having partnership conversations with outside organizations.  The day ended with a panel of fantastic adults coming in to be mocked “pitched” for partnership.  Shout-out to Bill Crowder, Ryan Deal, Kristin Hills-Bradberry, and Mike Watson for their generous gift of their time!

Some of the most amazing moments from the retreat were little moments shared over lunch and dinner – or BIG moments in the middle of our morning dance parties!  Our teens were all-in at the retreat, unplugged from technology and ready to bond and share of themselves.  We often say that PFO is the safest space in Charlotte, and the energy of that acceptance and openness was palpable in the lake house.

We’ll leave you with a short video of one of our dance parties!  Go ahead, get up and dance along with us – and you can have a little of the PFO spirit right where you are.