In PFO I have learned to step into exactly who I say I am. I have learned to not be afraid of claiming confidence and joy for myself. I deserve to be strong and unique. This conclusion has been made through countless PFO experiences where I have learned about comparisons, accepting or rejecting thoughts, self-care, making assumptions, and celebrating who I am. When I graduate from PFO, I will be able to take everything I’ve learned in PFO and apply it through college and the rest of my life. Throughout these past three years I have grown into someone I am proud to be and I am forever grateful. Becoming a PFO alumni means joining a tight knit group of teens and adults who have gone through many of the same experiences as I have and finding constant support. There are PFO alumni all over the world at the moment who have taken what they have learned in PFO and have applied it in incredible ways. The PFO alumni continue to inspire current PFO teens and it will be an honor to join this extraordinary group of people.