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PFO’s return on investment?

Future leaders, philanthropists, creative visionaries.

Best leadership/personal development program I’ve ever seen!
Since my daughter started her PFO journey, she has been back to the young woman we know full of joyful smiles and excitement.
A safe place for teens to discover their talents and their abilities, and to encourage them to be of service to others.

Gratitude Map – #gratimap

Recent Donors and Honorees

Susan Modolo honored George Schropp

Sharon and Jim King honored Nicole McEwen

Lori Krzeszewski honored Eric Williams

Lori Krzeszewski honored Hin Dilen

Miri Klements honored Pam Burton

Amy Lovett honored Burnet & Campbell Tucker

Amy Lovett honored Zoe Holderness

Amy Lovett honored Sara & Tommy Holderness

Amy Lovett honored Sarah Campbell Tucker

Barbara & Dave Mann honored Chloe Mann

The Elling Family Ted, Kathy Ben ,Dan honored Kit Rea

The Elling Family Ted, Kathy Ben ,Dan honored Karen and Butch

The Elling Family Ted, Kathy Ben ,Dan honored Linda Tinsley

The Elling Family Ted, Kathy Ben ,Dan honored Chris & John

sloan dudley honored Erica Adcock

sloan dudley honored Kellie and Virginia Rush

sloan dudley honored Priscilla and Katie Kate Powell

sloan dudley honored Garrell and AC Keesler

sloan dudley honored Rebecca and Addie Harris

sloan dudley honored Michele Lindsey and Erin

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