PFO’s return on investment?

Future leaders, philanthropists, creative visionaries.

Best leadership/personal development program I’ve ever seen!
Since my daughter started her PFO journey, she has been back to the young woman we know full of joyful smiles and excitement.
A safe place for teens to discover their talents and their abilities, and to encourage them to be of service to others.

Gratitude Map – #gratimap

Recent Donors and Honorees

Patricia McMillian honored Lori Poerio and Family

Patricia McMillian honored Benji McMiller

Madison Lynch honored Brandy Winn

Norma Meyer honored John and Patricia Conrad

Steve Kilguss honored Anna Kilguss

Barry and Carol Band honored Jim and Shirley Yost

Barry and Carol Band honored Dorothy McGheen and George Band

Barry and Carol Band honored Norwood and Marsha Band

Rhea Dunbar honored Jacki Pajas

Beatriz Friedmann honored Sonia Vasconcellos

Beatriz Friedmann honored Juliana Vasconcellos

June Maranville honored Anna Gaeckle

Nancy Spragins honored Kathi Oetken

Joyce Saint Cyr honored Pam Burton

Ann & Bert Miano honored Frankie Keller

Todd Huber honored Erin, Frances, Spencer, and Chloe Huber

Helen Vanvick honored Caroline Vanvick

Jennifer Frisina honored Libby Bridges

Julie Peach honored Jacquie Slack

Margaret Trimble honored Trevor Sheehy

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